Grand by design: St. Vincent Carmel Women's Center

After talking to Julie Schnieders, executive director of the St.Vincent Carmel Women’s Center, it’s easy to share her excitement.

Groundbreaking for this 95,000 square foot expansion at 13600 N. Meridian Street began last February, and the March 14, 2015, grand opening is right on schedule.  “We want everyone to have a wonderful experience when they visit us.  The St. Vincent Carmel Women’s Center has been designed to be a destination where women can come to receive care from a multitude of women’s health providers – all conveniently located in one building.”

Julie went on to elaborate, stating that “St. Vincent Carmel Women’s Center is an out-patient facility that will furnish preventive care as well as treatment for those who are in need of care.  Multiple specialists will be available to treat a wide spectrum of issues such as obstetrics and gynecology, maternal fetal care, internal medicine, bone health and breast care.  That means a woman can easily schedule several appointments for one day.”

Other advantages to the St. Vincent Carmel Women’s Center include a full-service café called “Nature’s Table and a women’s health boutique that sells durable medical equipment including wigs for cancer survivors, special bras and fitting services for women who have undergone a mastectomy, breast pumps for new moms, and bariatric supplies.  In addition, the Women’s Center has plans for a full-service pharmacy to be housed in the outpatient facility.  Wrapping all of this together will be an emphasis on patient-centered care. 

According to Julie, “We look forward to a creating a cohesive experience among professionals and patients.  Registered nurse and billing navigation will be available to help coordinate care for patients. They will work with various specialists to schedule appointments and answer questions related to individual diagnosis and treatment plans.”

Clinicians caring for patients at St.Vincent Carmel Women’s Center will utilize a secure texting technology called Perfect Serve.  “Secure texting between physicians on the Carmel campus will enable them to communicate in real time.  If someone requires further testing, that request can be made immediately through a secure text to the appropriate care giver – minimizing the time a patient needs to spend waiting to receive care.  In addition, online patient portals will allow patients to access results quickly and privately.”

Julie is especially happy about the new imaging modality for breast exams available at the St.Vincent Carmel Women’s Center called tomosynthesis.  Tomosynthesis, like computed tomography (CT) scan, takes approximately 50 images from multiple angles to build a three-dimensional image of a woman’s breast.  Radiologists can then examine these images, slice-by-slice, for a more thorough and accurate reading. “For the many women with dense breast tissue, tomosynthesis has been shown to increase cancer detection rates by up to 26 percent.  This high-tech machine will make annual breast exams better for women and for doctors who interpret data.”

Mark the date March 14th on your calendar.  Julie says lots of activities are scheduled during the Women’s Center Grand Opening, such as free thyroid testing and breast exams,as well as walking tours for the community.  Rachael Stafford, author of Hands Free Mama, will be the keynote speaker on “letting go to grasp what really matters.”  Sounds like a win-win for superlative health care in the city of Carmel.

Thanks to Julie Schnieders, Executive Director
St. Vincent Women’s Center

Interview by Jackie Holloway