St. Vincent plans to open Women's Center in March

The St.Vincent Carmel Women’s Center has announced it will open at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital in March. The new Center will be focused on caring for the unique needs of women.

The St.Vincent Carmel Women’s Center will provide personalized patient care for all stages of life, and will offer prompt referrals between your physician and other providers within the center. This access to specialists ensures focused, preventive care for women in one convenient location.

The Women’s Center will also have care navigators to assist with questions, appointments, personal guidance, education and much more. The facility will give women access to a wide array of services, specializations and amenities including:

Gynecology, including gyn/oncology and urogynecology

Breast care, including a breast surgeon and state-of-the-art imaging center

Obstetrics, including high-risk pregnancy

Digestive health

Heart health

Neurology, with a focus on hormone-related headaches

Bone health

Physical therapy

Pelvic health program

Preventative health seminars

Concierge patient navigation program

Full service cafe

Full service pharmacy

Community room with demonstration kitchen

Health boutique providing maternity supplies, nutritional supplements and wigs and bras for breast cancer patients.


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