Speedway Got Hip; Tacos and Tequila on Main

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While everyone was looking the other way, fawning over trendy restaurants in cities and towns outside of the city, like FoxGardin in Fortville and Taxman in Bargersville, Speedway got hip. The once dusty and drab strip of Main Street that was a destination only once a year is now a delightful stretch of interesting store fronts and couple of really good restaurants.

It’s anchored at the west end by the massive Big Woods Restaurant, and Daredevil Brewing is also thriving in a cool space across the street. But Marcia and David Huff are staking claim to an expanding food empire with restaurants Barbeque and Bourbon on Main, and the brand-new Tacos and Tequila on Main.

When we visited, it had only been open for three weeks, but you never would have guessed that from the lunch crowd. At noon, the place was packed with a lot of folks who looked like regulars, both in the 50ish seat dining room and the sidewalk café, and three servers sailed around the room serving and clearing tables like they’d been doing it for years. The place is cute but casual (think laminated placemat menus.) But the food is really interesting and a big step up from typical Mexican fare.

Definitely start with the spicy pesto guacamole. It’s garlicky, fresh and unique. The tacos are loaded with meat. I did try the lengua (tongue; not my favorite, for texture reasons, but it’s nicely prepared.) The al pastor (marinated pork) is fantastic. The burritos are huge, and looked amazing.

The best thing we ate, hands down, was the elota (a traditional Mexican dish of corn with creamy cojita cheese, chili pepper and lime.) While it’s often served street food-style on the cob, they’re cutting it off the cob and serving it in a bowl, which makes it much easier to share and lessens the possibility of wearing it. We were also delighted by a surprise offering of candied jalapenos, which could easily become my new favorite snack. The server told us that the “can-japs,” as they call them, are currently just a garnish, but are so popular they’re considering adding them to the menu as a side dish. In general, the menu is pretty carnivore-focused, and while that might be true to the traditional Mexican concept, they would do well to consider some veggie-based dishes.

There’s only one dessert, but it’s worth saving room for. It is, of course, churros. They’re served three to a plate and they’re cooked “a la minute,” so they come to the table piping hot and swimming in dark chocolate sauce. Yes and yes please.


As far as cocktails go, while we didn’t try any, I’d be totally down with a Mexican mule most any day of the week.


Go for lunch or dinner, but make sure you leave yourself enough time before or after to take a stroll down Main Street. You won’t find race cars, but you’ll be glad you gave Speedway a chance.

Tacos and Tequila on Main

1502 N. Main Street, Speedway

Lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday, closed Sunday and Monda

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